Quantum Gazing session im SACRED

First Quantum Gazing (QG) session to take place in Zurich (scheduled as of March 30th 2019, starting from 16:00 h / venue by 30 minutes prior) at the Sacred upstairs in the „House of Peace and Health“, Müllerstrasse 64 in Zurich.

What is Quantum Gazing? It is a transmission of energy through Connie Shaw in which you connect with the quantum field of all possibilities. Time and space are meaningless in the quantum field and thus it is easy for Quantum Gazing to be done over the internet (Skype) with people thousands of miles away. Similarly, patterns of perfection from past or future are readily available since time is undefined in the quantum field. For more information related: www.quantumgazing.com

Steps to be followed during the QG session:

Connie Shaw
  1. Set three or four intentions or wishes for any kind of change you would like in your life. Repeat them clearly and then just let them go like leaves floating down a stream. Now forget about them!
  2. Move your consciousness into your heart so that you will make the connection with the quantum field. Breathe in deeply. As you exhale, imagine your consciousness moving down into your heart and then expanding out into the Universe. Repeat this twice more. Notice the physical feeling of being in your heart space.
  3. With unfocused eyes and consciousness in the heart, gaze at Connie. You have begun the transformation process! Begin noticing any changes in your life, huge or minute. Expect wonderful things! Allow your life to recharge on many levels.
  4. On a voluntary basis, you are kindly invited to share your experience of the QG session with all present people.
  5. After the QG session, you can enjoy nicely prepared, purely vegan food downstairs at Vegelateria (at your expense).

Interested? Attendance is free of charge. Please sign up for your attendance under mastraessler@gmx.ch or phone 078 633 02 14 on time as free places are limited. The interaction with Connie Shaw over Skype will take place in English.

Vortrag Sport & Meditation

SportMeditation_A4_v02_1000pxHeinz Heer meditiert seit 40 Jahren auf dem Sport und Meditations-Weg von Sri Chinmoy, der viele Spitzensportler mit seiner “Never give up-Philosophie” inspirierte. Er spricht über die fünf Elemente des inneren Laufens und über die inneren Gheimnisse von Olympiasiegern und Weltrekordhaltern. Am Donnerstag 28. Februar um 18.30 Uhr im Altes Stadthaus Marktgasse 53, 8400 Winterthur. Eintritt frei – keine Anmeldung nötig. Für weitere Infos: 076 320 97 00 / 052 203 13 27.


23.2.: Crash course for parents

crascourse.jpgAlternative medicine for babies and children. What allergies and asthma has to do with birth and first medicaments after birth? How to support baby in building sustainable immune system? How to help when child is suffering from fever, cough, stomach ache, accident shock, many other non-crytical childhood troubles based on knowledge of alternative medicine such as spagyrik, homeopathy, acupressure and remedies without prescription available in Switzerland. Interested?

Nadja Roetlisberger is leading this workshop next Saturday, February 23rd from 13:30 – 17:00 h at the Sacred upstairs in the „House of Peace and Health“, Müllerstrasse 64 in Zurich. Places are limited, reserve and info: 079 296 43 95. Price 175 Fr. Language: English; written notes in English and German.

Mit der Stimme leben lernen

Sabina Astolfi ist Stimmcoach und Sängerin und erklärt, warum die Stimme ein so kraftvolles Werkzeug ist. Wird der eigene Gesang auf die richtige Art und Weise genutzt, können so viele positive Wirkungen erzielt werden. Die Stimme ist eine wahre Wunder-Medizin. Am Mittwoch den 27. Februar um 18.00 Uhr, ist sie wieder bei uns im SACRED im „House of  Peace and Health“ an der Müllerstrstr.64, 8004 Zürich mit Mantras & VoiceCoaching. (Video-Quelle: Coop-Zeitung)

Ab Di., 26. Februar: Sound Meditation mit Lorenzo im SACRED

didge-lorenzoAb 26. Februar bietet Lorenzo, ein Mitarbeiter des SACRED, im 1. Stock an der  Müllerstrasse 64 in Zürich jeden Dienstag von 18:30 bis 19:00 eine „Sound Meditation“ mit Didgeridoo an. Eine Anmeldung ist nicht notwendig, einfach spontan vorbeikommen. Wer vorher oder nachher noch was veganes und biologisches essen will, ist natürlich auch im SACRED willkommen.